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Slovak-Japanese Working Holiday Program coming into force

Slovak-Japanese Working Holiday Program coming into force

31.5.2016 | Aktivity ministra |

Bratislava (31 May) – As of Wednesday (1 June), the Slovak-Japanese Working Holiday Program comes into force. Within this program, several hundreds of Slovak and Japanese citizens aged 18-30 will be able to have holidays in the other state and occasionally work without a work permit to cover their travel costs and short-term language or cultural courses.

“The concluded agreement on the Working Holiday Program attests to the quality and depth of the bilateral relations in all fields of common interest between Slovakia and Japan,” stated Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic Miroslav Lajčák.

“I’m especially pleased that this agreement deepens interpersonal contacts. It will enable young people on both sides to study, travel and work in the partner country. On one hand, they will spread their culture and make their country visible, and on the other hand they will learn the specifics of the other nation and will bring home new experiences and, for sure, good ideas as well,” emphasized Minister Lajčák, who is a former Ambassador of the Slovak Republic to Japan (1994-98).

“Working Holiday Program is based on a long-term friendship, cooperation and trust between both countries and their people over the past 23 years – since the independence of Slovakia.  It being put into practice symbolizes the excellent relations between us,” stated Ambassador of Japan to Slovakia Jun Shimmi.

“Last year, Japan was visited by almost 20 million tourists and their numbers will – also with regard to the Olympics and Paralympics in Tokyo in 2020 – increase. We, Japanese, will be pleased to welcome the citizens of Slovakia to our country. We believe that many young people from Slovakia will use the working Holiday Program to stay in Japan and get acquainted.  Me, personally, I’ll be pleased if young people from Slovakia will discover not only Japanese hospitality and kind-heartedness but also our nature and culture. I believe that the stay in Japan will leave life experiences in people and deepen potential of developing mutual relations between Japan and Slovakia,” said Ambassador Jun Shimmi. 

The number of visas issued within the Working Holiday Program for the programming year starting on 1 January 2017 and ending on 31 December 2017 is set for 400 for each of the contractual parties.

For the 1 June to the end of this year the number of visas is 220 for each of the contractual parties.  Young people from Slovakia and Japan will be able to use the advantages from the Working Holiday Program once per applicant.

Both countries agreed on the program exchanging relevant notes in February this year, and in May they specified the number of applicants who can apply for this program. In Slovakia, the visa for the Working Holiday Program will be issued by the Embassy of Japan in Bratislava and in Japan by the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Tokyo.

The details on the Working Holiday Program with Japan can be found here–