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Minister Lajčák received Apostolic Nuncio to Slovakia Monsignor Giordana

Minister Lajčák received Apostolic Nuncio to Slovakia Monsignor Giordana

27.2.2014 | Aktivity ministra |

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic Miroslav Lajčák today (February 27, 2014) received Apostolic Nuncio to the Slovak Republic Monsignor Mario Giordana in order to evaluate the current status of mutual relations between the Slovak Republic and the Holy See. Minister Lajčák extended an invitation for a reciprocal visit to the Slovak Republic to his Vatican counterpart Secretary for Relations with States of the Holy See Dominique Mamberti, with whom he held discussions in the Vatican in November 2012. The head of Slovak diplomacy and the Apostolic Nuncio paid special attention to preparations for the expert discussions on the bill of the Government of the Slovak Republic designed to enter into an international agreement on mutual recognition of certificates of education. The new agreement between the Slovak Republic and the Holy See should help strengthen academic mobility of graduates from papal universities and educational institutions.

Within the discussions on preparation of the Nationwide Strategy for Promotion and Protection of Human Rights in the Slovak Republic, Minister Lajčák stated that the document – the first of its kind in Slovakia and exceptional not only in terms of its extent and objectives – is aimed at evaluating the current status or the actual starting position of Slovakia in protection, promotion and compliance with human rights, law enforceability and implementation of commitments or recommendations of international bodies. "We decided that we will include as wide a spectrum of participants as possible in the preparations, so that the document reflects a pan-societal discussion, as this is the only way to have it fully accepted. The strategy is an open document. I’m personally taking care to ensure that this societal discussion on all relevant topics takes place – regardless of whether consensus is reached or these topics will or will not be contained in the strategy in the end. Our role is to clarify frameworks for creating this document and its objectives, while the priority in this effort is to benefit all citizens of Slovakia,” stressed Minister Lajčák.