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V4 Film Festival

V4 Film Festival

17.6.2019 | Kultúrna diplomacia | Kultúrna prezentácia | Prezentácia Slovenska v zahraničí | Slovensko a V4 |

On June 13, as a part of V4 Film Festival, the Embassy of the Slovak Republic screened the film “Dubček” by Laco Halama. Alexander Dubček was the key figure during the period of the Prague Spring in then Czechoslovakia and he remains a symbol and a living legend of “the socialism with the human face”.

The fight for freedom is the main communication message of year 2019 when we commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution that brought the freedom to back us, to our part of the world. This is why “freedom” has been chosen as the main topic of this year’s V4 Film Festival in Washington DC.