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Youth Mobility Program

Aktualizované 25.07.2022
Publikované 25.07.2022

Agreement between Canada and Slovakia on youth Mobility:

Agreement between the Slovak Republic and Canada on Youth Mobility was signed on July 20, 2010 and entered into force on the July 1, 2011. Agreement aims to facilitate temporary (work) stays of youth (of age between 18 and 35) in Slovakia and Canada. The Canadian citizens may apply for Slovak National Visa which allow them not only to stay and travel across Slovakia for period of up to one year but also to work on an occasional (temporary) basis. The visa is granted free of charges.

The applicants for youth mobility visa must meet certain conditions. He/she must be:  

a) Canadian citizen;

b) Canadian resident;

c) holder of Canadian passport valid for a period of time exceeding the expected duration of stay under the Agreement;

d) of age between 18 and 35 inclusively on the date the application is submitted.


How and where to apply:

Visa application must be submitted in person! To set up an appointment to submit the application, please contact our Embassy well in advance.
In the visa application form, box 21 – the purpose of the journey – please mark "other reasons" and type "Youth Mobility Stay".


The list of documents to be submitted with completed visa application form:

1. Canadian passport with a validity exceeding expected duration of stay by at least 3 months;

2. One recent passport-size photography;

3. Copy of Birth Certificate;

4. Round-trip ticket or to demonstrate sufficient financial resources to purchase it;

5. A proof of financial resources in amount 1785 EUR to help cover expenses in Slovakia (proved either by cash, credit card with the latest account statement, travel checks or a bank account statement);

6. Travel Health Insurance arranged prior to the entry to Slovakia and valid for the whole duration of the stay with the minimum coverage of EUR 30,000 (medical treatment, including repatriation to Canada);

7. Self-addressed prepaid courier envelope for the return shipment of the applicant´s passport or 15 CAD fee for purchasing it.

8. Under Article 2 of the Agreement, the Applicant is required, as the case may be: to demonstrate that he/she has have obtained a pre-arranged contract (respective document should include detailed information on the date of the beginning and termination of the employment, the amount of remuneration and the description of work),


to provide documentation proving registration at a post-secondary institution in Canada (letter of acceptance) and to demonstrate that he/she has obtained a pre-arranged internship or work placement in the Slovak Republic,


to confirm in writing the intention to stay in the territory of the Slovak Republic for vacation with the possibility of obtaining remunerated employment on an occasional basis to supplement the financial resources.


The only visa office competent to issue youth mobility visa is the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Ottawa. Application for youth mobility visa cannot be submitted at any of Slovak Honorary Consulates across Canada.


The visa application processing time is 30 days (but in most cases the application is decided within hours). Youth mobility visa cannot be extended! Citizens eligible for youth mobility visa who have already benefited from the program may apply for the same visa again, but have to demonstrate different purpose of stay under Article 2 of the Agreement. Also there must be an interruption between these stays. Each person may be granted maximum of 2 youth mobility visas (i.e. the max. period of stay in Slovakia within the program cannot exceed 2 years).


Canadian citizens who were granted visas under the Agreement will receive a written confirmation from the Embassy in Slovak language that for the duration of validity of the visa they do not need work permits to be employed in the Slovak Republic. The information is intended to be presented to potential employers in the Slovak Republic.


Canadian citizens remaining in the territory of the Slovak Republic under the above Agreement are required to obey the laws and regulations in force in the territory of the Slovak Republic, such as the registration of residence with the Border and Alien Police competent for the place of their residence within three working days following the entry into the territory of the Slovak Republic, unless they have done so in their accommodation facility, e.g. hotel, hostel, boarding house, campsite, etc.,



The visa application under the Agreement is free of charge.