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Slovakia Visa Application Centre in Bengaluru

Slovakia Visa Application Centre in Bengaluru

4.6.2019 | Aktivity veľvyslancov |
The Bengaluru Visa Application Centre for Slovakia was formally inaugurated on 29 May 2019 by Ambassador of the Slovak Republic to India Ivan Lančarič. This VFS center is one the three existing VFS Global Centers in India, along with New Delhi and Mumbai, which provide visa submission services for Indian visa applicants. Slovakia experienced a significant increase of visa applications in the recent months, mostly thanks to the services provided by VFS Global. Till the end of May 2019 in comparison with the same period of 2018 the number of visa applications of the citizens of India increased by 50 %. The number of Indian tourists visiting Slovakia has increased too. Based on recent reports, around 12 000 tourists visit Slovakia per year.
Ambassador Ivan Lancaric at the inauguration said, “If you are interested in visiting a country with a rich history, unique traditions, vibrant cities, historic architecture and a wealth of summer or winter opportunities for outdoor adventures, Slovakia may be the perfect destination for your next trip. With many magical castles, mountain peaks and tasty food and wines, Slovakia offers the tourist experience that will both surprise and delight visitors.” He has also emphasized that Slovakia offers a perfect package for tourists with its rich history, unique tradition, architecture and perfect weather throughout the year. 
The Slovakia Visa Application Center in India was launched in the Fall 2018. Cooperation with VFS Global means easier and more comfortable access for Indian citizens applying for visa to Slovakia.  
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