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The Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Moscow

ul. J. Fučíka 17/19, Moscow, Russia
Location Map
Tel.: +7 4959564920
Fax: +7 4957912065



Closure of the visa centres in the Russian Federation


Due to the expiration of the Cooperation agreement for the collection of data and visa applications concluded between the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic and the company Pony Express, it not possible to apply for visa in the Pony Express visa centres in Moscow and Saint Petersburg as of 21.12.2017.

From 21.12.2017 all visa applications can be lodged only at the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Moscow or the Consulate General of the Slovak Republic in Saint Petersburg.
The last day when a visa application can be submitted in the visa centre is 20.12.2017.

Please note, that when applying for visas at the Slovak Embassy in Moscow, each visa application must be submitted electronically first and the appointment for lodging of the documents be made through the electronic appointment system.


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