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Minister Lajčák officially becomes Slovakia´s candidate for UN Secretary-General

Minister Lajčák officially becomes Slovakia´s candidate for UN Secretary-General

25.5.2016 | Aktivity ministra | Slovensko a OSN

Bratislava (25 May) - At its Wednesday session in Bratislava, the Government of the Slovak Republic  approved the nomination of Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Miroslav Lajčák for the post of UN Secretary-General. This was done in response to the invitation made by President of the UN General Assembly for the member states to nominate candidates with proven leadership and managerial abilities, extensive experience in international relations, and strong diplomatic, communication and multilingual skills for this post.  
“The Government has unanimously expressed its support for the candidacy of Miroslav Lajčák. This is a historic occasion as Slovakia has never nominated its candidate for such international post before,” stated Prime Minister Robert Fico following the Government session.
“It also attests to the fact that Slovakia has reared an entire generation of excellent diplomats working at various levels – and, undoubtedly, at the top of this pyramid of outstanding diplomats, there is Minister Miroslav Lajčák, who is widely recognized both at home and mainly abroad,” stated Prime Minister Fico. 
The Prime Minister then sent a letter to present the nomination to the President of the UN General Assembly and the President of the UN Security Council.  
The Minister Lajčák´s candidacy was also publicly supported by President of the Slovak Republic Andrej Kiska, as well as by Speaker of the Slovak National Council Andrej Danko.
“The post of UN Secretary-General belongs among the most prestigious but also the most demanding. Therefore, it requires a man with extraordinary abilities and I’m convinced that Minister Lajčák meets all the criteria. Foreign partners respect his opinions and he has a great reputation in the world,” said President Kiska. In his view, the personage of Minister Lajčák confirms that Slovakia has experts who rank among the top world-wide.
This fact was also appreciated by Danko. “I’m pleased that one of our citizens has achieved such a quality of education, social recognition and diplomatic status that enables him to apply for the post of UN Secretary-General. In his work, for instance in the difficult times in the Balkans, Minister Lajčák was able to cement people regardless of their nationality or confession and I think that the UN needs such a person." Minister Lajčák sees the Government nomination and the support of the Slovak top constitutional stakeholders as an expression of confidence, as well as a great commitment towards Slovakia. “It is a great honor but also responsibility. I appreciate the declared support and I accept the nomination with respect and also resolve to do everything to ensure that Slovakia does not have to be ashamed of me,” highlighted Minister Lajčák. 
“Slovak foreign policy has continuously professed respect for international law, dialogue and mutual respect– and these are the principles the UN is based on and which I trust and promote in my professional life,” he added. 
Lajčák will work on his candidacy for the UN Secretary-General post along with his existing obligations as Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, remaining the main priority for him, along with the preparations of the country for the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The campaign for his election to the post of the UN Secretary-General is covered by a small working team of pre-existing staff and within the existing budget at the Ministry.