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Visa Information

Publikované 25.07.2022

Citizens of the Slovak Republic are visa free for entering the terrritory of Bosnia and Herzegovina 

Nationals of Bosnia and Herzegovina do not have to have visas for entering the territory of the Slovak Republic/Schengen area if they are holders of biometric passports. 

The holders of diplomatic and service passports of Bosnia and Herzegovina are visa free.
For the nationals of BaH, who are not holders of biometric passports the visa procedure is carried out in accordance with Slovak legislation (Law No. 48/2002 Col. as ammended on Allien´s stay and in accordance with Schengen acquis).

The Embassy can issue the following types of visas: 

Schengen visas: 

  • A - airport transit visa 
  • C - short-stay visa 

Limited territorial validity visas: 

  • LTVA - airport transit visa 
  • LTVC - short-stay visa

National visa of the Slovak Republic: 

  • D - long-stay national visa

Visa applicant has to present filled in application form, valid travel passport (valid at least 3 months before expected expiration of visa), actual mugshot in size 3,5 x 4,5cm, documents regarding the purpose of travel, documents regarding financial means, document - confirmation from employer, documents regarding the accomodation, travel medical inssurance (covering the financial costs on health care and repatriation for health purposes up to 30 000,- EURO valid for all Schengen countries) and upon reguest of the Embassy the additional supporting documents. The Embassy has a right to call applicant for interview.

The fee for processing the visa application is 35 EURO in accordance with Agreement between European Community and Bosnia and Herzegovina on the Faccilitation of the Issuance of Visas.

Fees are waived for some categories of persons who are listed in article 6, subparagraph 2 of the above-mentioned agreement.
Visa form is free of charge, you can find it also on our web page in section forms/applications.