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Veľvyslanectvo Slovenskej republiky v Bangkoku

Bangkok - miestny čas:


Appointment to visit the Consular Section

Application for a visa

A visa application can only be submitt in person at the Consular Section due to the scanning of biometric features. This also applies to applicants from accredited countries, namely Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. 

The Consular Section of the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Bangkok announces that hand over visas is only possible in person or through an authorized person at the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Bangkok. The consular department does not send passports with visas to the recipients via postal or courier companies unless the handover protocol is signed and postage is paid in advance. 

Consular fees

Consular fees are collect only in cash in accordance with the consular tariff converted into Thai Baht (THB) according a monthly exchange rate. Fees cannot be send via bank transfer and cannot be pay by credit card at the Slovak Embassy in Bangkok. 

Booking appointment

It is necessary to book an appointment to visit the consular section. 

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Veľvyslanectvo je zatvorené

Zastupiteľský úrad SR v Bangkoku v spolupráci s Ministerstvom zahraničných vecí Thajska usporiadal 18. mája 2023 slávnostný koncert k 30. výročiu vzniku Slovenskej republiky a nadviazaniu diplomatických stykov medzi Slovenskou republikou a Thajskom.

22.05.2023 Thajsko

Zastupiteľský úrad SR v Bangkoku sa dňa 20. mája 2023 zúčastnil Európskeho dňa pod názvom „EU Sustainable Food and Craft Market“.


Ak občan SR požiadal o vydanie cestovného pasu medzi 11. novembrom 2022 a 30. januárom 2023, mohol byť z dôvodu technickej chyby na strane výrobcu jeho cestovný pas vyrobený s odchýlkou zápisu údajov v čipe....

Study in Slovakia
The National Scholarship Programme of the Slovak Republic supports study/research/teaching/artistic mobility of international students, PhD students, university teachers, researchers and artists at higher education institutions and research organisations. 

The Schengen area is a part of the territory of Europe in which people may travel freely without any border checks at internal borders of Schengen Member States. Citizens from some non-EU countries are required to have a visa when travelling to the Schengen area.

Slovakia is a special country. Even in such a small area, you’ll find everything from natural treasures and historical monuments to rich folk culture and modern entertainment in the busy city streets. Enjoy the beauty and unique atmosphere that Slovakia has to offer.

A qualified, productive and cost-effective labour force, unique geographical location in the heart of Europe, macroeconomic stability and membership in the Eurozone are just some of the factors that enable the successful implementation of investment projects in Slovakia.