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Publikované 21.07.2022

Passport is a public document stating citizen’s identity, citizenship and other facts stated in passport. Passport is a property of the Slovak Republic.

Adult citizen is allowed to have only 2 passports, one with validity for 10 years and the second with validity for 5 years.

Citizen younger than 16 years old is allowed to have a passport with validity for 5 years and citizen younger than 6 years is allowed to have passport with validity for 2 years.


Who is allowed to submit an application to issue a passport?

Application to issue passport is allowed to submit

a) citizen, to whom the passport should be issued must be present in person to submit the application except

  • citizen younger than 18 years old should submit application with consent of his/her legal guardian with validate signature or signed at the Embassy
  • on behalf of the citizen younger than 15 years old should submit the application his/her legal guardian

b) on behalf of citizen with disability which do not allows him to be present at the Embassy should submit the application its close person or other person with proxy. Application should be submitted together with the medical report proving the condition of applicant

c) on behalf of citizen with reduced legal capacity should submit the application his/her legal guardian.


Biometric data

It is necessary to collect applicant´s biometric data (face, fingerprints and signature), children under 12 are not obliged to submit their fingerprints. Signature is not required from persons in case that they are not able to sign.


Necessary documents to submit

1. Fulfilled application form

2. Valid identification card stating Slovak citizenship (Slovak passport of Slovak ID card). In case that citizen does not have one of the mentioned documents, it is necessary to apply for Slovak Citizenship Certificate or submit Slovak Citizenship Certificate not older than 6 moths at first. In case that your will apply for Slovak citizenship certificate, it is not possible to apply for issue a new passport. It is necessary to wait with your application till the Slovak Citizenship Certificate will be issued and delivered to the Embassy. Application for Slovak Citizenship Certificate and application to issue passport should be submitted in person at the Embassy.

3. In case that application is submitted because of a change of a surname on account of marriage, it is necessary to submit marriage certificate issued by the Slovak Republic (just in case that this surname is different from the surname stated in the passport or identification card). In case of other change of name or surname it is necessary to submit documents proving mentioned change.

4. Documents proving academic title, science-pedagogic title, art-pedagogic title or other title or science-academic degree…. (just in case that title is not already stated in presented passport or identification card). In case that applicant would like to have a title from university abroad, it is necessary to submit decision of the competent Slovak authority.

5. Documents issued by authorities in Slovak Republic proving the change of any data stated in passport.


Administrative fee

Administrative fee is collected under the actual exchange rank in USD.

Be aware, that administrative fee increases in case of lost, damage of theft of the passport. (not in case of violent unlawful activity documented by the police)
Person who submitted the application should collect issued passport at the Embassy

Passport of a citizen older than 15 years old can be collected by his/her close person or by other person with proxy with validated signature. (or his can be state by applicant in process of submitting of the application).

In case that you would like us to send your issued passport by post, it is necessary to bring pre-paid envelope with state address and post stamp in value at least 7.35 USD.