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    Updated 23.05.2023
    Published 23.05.2023

    A passport is a public document demonstrating a citizen's identity, citizenship, and other data. Please note that a passport is the property of the Slovak Republic.

    Adult citizens can have only two (2) passports, one valid for ten (10) years and the second valid for five (5) years.

    A citizen younger than sixteen (16) can have a passport valid for five (5) years, and a citizen younger than six (6) years can have a passport valid for two (2) years.


    How to apply for a passport?

    1. Please first make an appointment by contacting the Consular section via email:
    2. Citizens eighteen (18) or older applying for the passport must be present in person.
    • When an applicant is younger than fifteen (15), the legal guardian must submit the application, 
    • When an applicant is older than fifteen (15) but younger than eighteen (18), they can apply without the presence of a legal guardian; however, the legal guardian's written consent with the certified signature must be attached to the application. The signature certificate is optional if the legal guardian consents and signs the application at the Consular section. 
    • Citizens with a disability who cannot be present during the application process can be substituted by a close person. In such a case, the application must be submitted together with the medical report proving the applicant's condition. 
    • Citizens with a reduced legal capacity can be substituted by their legal guardians.


    What to bring to the appointment

    1. Valid identification document demonstrating Slovak citizenship (Slovak passport or ID card). If you do not have one of the mentioned documents, it is necessary to apply for a Slovak Citizenship Certificate or to submit a Slovak Citizenship Certificate not older than six (6) months. 
    2. When you apply for a Slovak Citizenship Certificate, applying for a new passport will be possible once the Slovak Citizenship Certificate is issued and delivered to the Consular section. Please remember that it is necessary to apply for both the Slovak Citizenship Certificate and passport in person.
    3. If you are applying for a new passport due to the name change, you must submit a marriage certificate. A marriage certificate issued in the United States must be apostilled and translated into Slovak. If the change of name or last name occurs for different reasons, it is necessary to submit relevant documents. 
    4. Please submit the relevant documents with the application for the new passport or the ID if you prefer demonstrating your academic title, science-pedagogic title, art-pedagogic title, or other science-academic degrees. If you have an academic title from a university abroad, it is necessary to submit an approval issued by the relevant Slovak authority.
    5. If there is any other passport change, please submit the documents issued by relevant authorities in the Slovak Republic.


    Biometric data

    During the application process at the Consular section, the applicant's biometric data, which includes face, fingerprints, and signature, is taken. Children under twelve (12) are not obliged to submit their fingerprints. A signature is not required from persons in case they cannot sign.


    Administrative fee

    For every administrative procedure, the Consular section will collect an administrative fee based on the actual exchange rate in USD.

    The administrative fee increases if the passport is lost or damaged. If the passport has been stolen and the police report is presented, the administrative fee will not increase.


    Collection of the new passport

    A person who applied for a passport must also be the one who collects it at the Consular section. The Consular section accepts a prepaid envelope (Priority Express with a written return address) if the applicant cannot personally collect the passport. 

    The passport of a citizen older than fifteen (15) can be collected by a close person with a certified signature.